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LOEWE Home Scents Soap Collection, a collection of soaps inspired by the idea of purification as an ancestral ritual in which bathing and perfuming the skin is a practical and methodical act, but linked to reflection. In this way, the French maison reformulates the bathing ritual as a perfumed and fortifying treatment designed to pamper the body and balance the mind, a conscious ceremony of self-care.

The LOEWE Home Scents Soap Collection introduces three new scents you’ll need this Christmas: “Liquorice”; “Oregano”; and “Scent of Marihuana”. The new fragrances belong to the Home Scents range of 11 soaps, which have been transformed into a new grooming product: a solid body wash. In other words, our ultimate need for 2022.

Each Home Scents fragrance is an authentic olfactory portrait of each plant, herb or flower, selected for their particularly restorative properties: They all have moisturising and nourishing properties for the skin, as they are all rich in shea butter. In addition, the solid soaps “Liquorice” and “Scent of Marihuana” are infused with red algae particles, known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating qualities.


The solid soaps are block-shaped and carry the “LOEWE” stamp. Rustic and robust in appearance, “Scent of Marihuana” and “Oregano” are pale green and white, while the solid soap “Liquorice” is a subversive black, reflecting the colour of its botanical inspiration. All create a smooth, creamy lather and feature a braided natural linen rope for easy holding and storage. Soap on a rope.

The LOEWE Home Scents Soap Collection is available now at, and selected LOEWE shops.

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