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Unlimited contemporary creativity meets Louis Vuitton’s savoir faire in the new Objets Nomades. Bringing an extra splash of colour to the home, the new pieces join the limited existing collection.

The new functional furniture at the top of the revamped list of Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades stands out for its vibrant personality and originality. We find the Avocado Multicolore, a piece crafted by the Campana brothers and composed of nine radiant multicoloured elements reminiscent of an avocado. The Merenge pouf, meanwhile, is inspired by the dessert of the same name and its characteristic swirl shape. It is available in various shades: raspberry, saffron yellow, light blue and cream, among others.

LV‘s iconic Monogram Flower is represented by the Petal chair, designed by the Marcel Wanders studio. It has nine petal-shaped cushions in different colours such as neon yellow, coral or cream. The Cosmic table by Raw Edges, made from carbon fibre and bevelled glass, and the Signature armchair by Frank Chou do not go unnoticed either.

This latest series of Objets Nomades is on display at the women’s boutique in the Miami Design District.