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Nicolas Ghesquière continues his architectural explorations for Louis Vuitton’s fashion shows. For this Cruise ’23, the maison has chosen Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, one of the most iconic brutalist architectural landmarks in the world.

Lousita (@lousandtheyakuza) opened the show, and it already looked amazing. Nicolas Ghesquière wants to take us to a different planet, where the woman is a noble warrior of the future crossing the desert. The warrior-like looks incorporate contrasts of structure, rigid and draped, and also of color, fusing earth tones with garish and metallic tones.

Louis Vuitton Cruise ’23 is a futuristic vision of the past. With clear medieval references, the silhouettes also bring us back to the battle dresses of classical Greece or the attire of the Japanese military nobility: the samurai. Indeed, every look could have been taken from the movie Dune: all fluid fabrics are combined with leather elements such as harnesses and several looks are completed with armor-style boleros.

The bags have also been one of the highlights of the collection. LouisVuitton incorporates the metallic tone to the usual classics. Redesigning the mythical travel trunk of the house, LV transforms it into a bag so that the noble warrior of the future can carry it with her. But who needs a bag when you can carry a skateboard? That’s right, the new temptation of the season is skateboards, as Ghesquière has confirmed.

Lauren Wasser, was one of the stars of the fashion show. The model, a double leg amputee, wore a metallic shirt and shorts outfit that showed off her golden prosthetic legs. To learn more about her, and see everything she is doing to fight toxic shock syndrome, you can go to her instagram profile.

Nicolas Ghesquière has shown a part of the Louis Vuitton woman that, for sure was there, but we didn’t know. A more warrior face, more futuristic and more groundbreaking. Surely you too are wishing to be the noble warrior of the future of Louis Vuitton Cruise ’23. It’s never too late!