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Louis Vuitton has unveiled a new ski-focused collection including outwear, accessories, shoes and skis ideal for the slopes.

Louis Vuitton’s new ski line includes quilted down jackets printed with landscapes to match tights and jumpers. Among the garments made specifically for skiing are the typical jackets, salopettes and trousers made of water-resistant stretch material.

Among the outerwear, apart from the designs designed for this activity, there are also mini-dresses, knitwear, chrome jumpers and furs complete the ready-to-wear range. Of course, parkas with carabiners inspired by outdoor climbing are a must.

Accessories include mittens and gloves, as well as Monogram wool caps, cashmere and silk scarves and hats in different colours. The footwear comes in boot format with different heights and the skis feature the house’s monogram.


The Louis Vuitton ski collection will be available in shops on 26 November.

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