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LV Diamonds is a collection designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof and consists of diamond earrings, rings, bands and pendants.

In honour of the greatest adventure of all, the LV Diamonds collection celebrates the power of diamonds to mark life’s most significant moments. Deeply symbolic and emotionally charged, each piece of fine jewellery is an invitation to explore new precious territories, a promise of endless discovery and infinite possibilities.

The iconic monogram flower takes centre stage in Louis Vuitton‘s new selection of jewellery, found in earrings and a diamond-encrusted platinum ring. More subtle options have also been designed in keeping with the Art Deco aesthetic, such as half-round rings in platinum and rose gold.

Damier print takes over some pieces through diamonds while star pendants complete the unisex collection.

The LV Diamonds collection is now available on the Louis Vuitton website.