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Marc Jacobs‘ last fashion show became one of the most eagerly awaited events in the fashion world from the moment the American designer announced on his Instagram account his return to the runways. After more than a year without presenting collections because of the pandemic, MJ has regained his strength and momentum and has returned to the runways of the city of skyscrapers to conquer all the professionals in the sector and followers of the brand.

No sooner said than done. This is precisely what Mr. Jacobs has achieved with his latest collection, winning us all over. We dare to say that this Fall/Winter 21 collection is one of the designer’s best. Praised by many, Marc presented us with a RTW (Ready to wear) collection full of prints and vibrant colours, logos, voluminous silhouettes and “XL” accessories. But if there’s one thing that has grabbed all the attention of the last line and the show, it’s his boleros and hooded jackets in contrasting colours, which ranged from green or pink to beige or grey, or his dresses and skirts with big sequins.

On the other hand, accessories such as hats, turbans or hoods, and footwear, fundamental parts of the brand, also played a very important role. Leaving behind the impossible stilettos or thin strap sandals with stiletto heels, MJ decided to add good platforms to all his models, whether in the form of a ballerina with a bracelet or a boot, for the fashion show.

What do you think of Marc Jacobs‘ latest collection? We think it’s the best! Check out the gallery to see the entire collection in its entirety.