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Maria Escoté mixes glitchcore digital aesthetics with the organic inspiration of mycelium and psychedelic tartans in her third collaboration with Desigual.


This month, Desigual‘s new FW22 collection with María Escoté arrives in selected shops and on In this third collaboration with the brand, the designer embarks on a psychedelic journey through three different aesthetic universes.

In this way, the aesthetics of digital art and the glitchcore trend coexist in the garments at the same time as the classic tartans are reinterpreted. María Escoté catalyses all these influences and translates them into unique, innovative prints and avant-garde silhouettes.

A play on volume is served up in this two-piece combination. On the one hand, the oversized puffer jacket in black with a satin finish and an interior with a positional print. It is a sustainable, highly functional piece, with padding made from recycled materials. Underneath, a tight-fitting knit mini-dress, with long sleeves and printed with one of the most powerful motifs in the collection: on a black background, an orange tartan with touches of fluorine is distorted until it seems to melt. The result is sinuous shapes that emphasise the wearer’s silhouette.

Combined, both garments create an urban and sophisticated look, representative of María Escoté‘s aesthetic for Desigual.

The designs are set to regenerate our wardrobes this season. The prints connect with different elements as in the mycelium – the branched structure that forms the vegetative part of mushrooms. Fluorescent tones bring light and the graphic treatment of the motifs combines the organic with the digital, reinterpreting natural prints from a glitchcore perspective, somewhere between technological and nostalgic, with human figures and also visible pixels. The silhouettes are truly urban: a hoodie, an XXL jumper, an oversized puffer and a slim-fit dress with a Perkins collar and a floaty skirt.

María Escoté highlights the hypnotic effect of prints. She uses psychedelia and distortion to reimagine tartan checks, accentuating them with unusual tones, contrasting volumes, pleats and ruffles. The blouse, trousers, asymmetric skirt, top and puffer jacket are also sustainable garments.

“I conceive of the garments as small artistic works, with very relaxed and elaborate graphics, with a concept behind them,” Escoté says. “I like to express a message and nature is always present in it, because it is a reference of our environment that is reflected in the digital world. The force of nature connects this world. I was inspired by the mycelium because it is an invisible network that unites everything, like the digital networks that connect us 24 hours a day”.