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Last Monday was developed the fashion show of one of our favorite brands within the national scene, Maria Ke Fisherman.

María Ke Fisherman

© Juanma Jmse

Maria Ke Fisherman focus on their universe for SS20

Cited in the Toledo Bridge, in Madrid, we attended what we thought would be a parade. However, it was a big surprise when we didn’t see the catwalk, it would be the little balconies of the bridge where the models would wear the looks.

© Juanma Jmse

Once the storm was over – not a metaphor – the models were positioned on the balconies and that’s when we could see how MKF continues to bet on its fundamental value of mime and craftsmanship. Two values that were present in each of the proposals.

The crochet in all its forms empowered the models who wore suits with forms and cuts typical of couture and with a clear destiny: to wear red carpets and worldwide artists. The crochet as usual has been woven by the now famous Carmelite nuns of Huelva.

Backstage by Juanma Jmse

They, Victor and Maria, said: “We wanted to take away the pressure and the responsibility of having to sell or of thinking about the costs of producing it. We just wanted to do what we like, focus on our universe. We really wanted to do it but we had never dared.” They add, “It’s a collection that’s going to have outlets elsewhere, like dressing up a celebrity or touring with some singers,” we’re completely agree.

Undoubtedly and for many reasons this is one of Fisherman’s best works to date. Some of them are: a collection without fear, without pressure and created as an ode to art and sewing very far from canons and rules established by the market. Congratulations!