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María Simún has just presented her new collection through a series of pieces loaded with dynamism. This last proposal is made up of only two pieces and marks the beginning of a new stage for the brand. Thus, she has announced a change in the course of the collections by reinventing her system of creation and adapting it to the current situation.

The designer María Simún (@mariasimun) is fully aware of the change that the fashion industry needs. Even more so given the current situation. Thus, she proposes to reinvest the concept of seasonal collections. In this way, every month she will launch a unique drop, whether it is a complete look or a single piece. All these launches will be limited editions and will be announced in the first week of the month in question. This new dynamic will allow you to live more every day, constantly reinvent yourself and have more creative flexibility.

The first collection that marks this bias consists of two pieces: a sweatshirt in pink and a pair of matching trousers. The proposal puts the focus on the new masculinity. The man no longer needs to be hard, quite the opposite. Now he expresses himself faithful to his convictions. Simún takes his inspiration from music, social networks and language to shape these garments that refer to different states of mind. He has also counted on the artist Gonzalo Hergueta to print each garment.

For the moment, this is all we know about this new era of María Simún. You can already get the new collection on the website of the brand. We will keep you informed about the next launches.

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