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Last Saturday evening Marine Serre presented her new collection ‘Rising Shelter’ at the Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris. A futuristic show on a dreamlike stage that evoked nostalgia and mystery in equal parts. 

On the centre of the stage stood three large towers that included remnants of handbags, jeans and scarves. The message was clear: the importance of transforming the pieces. The lights went out and Marine Serre‘s voice echoed throughout the space in the form of a poem: “Nothing is created. Everything is transformed. To love is to repair. It should be simple. We repair ourselves, we reuse ourselves…. We sew ourselves back together again, we embroider ourselves again…”.

And that’s what ‘Rising Shelter’ is all about. About being reborn through past stories and new visions. Of the ability to reinvent oneself into something completely different. So the collection was divided into five parts: denim, recycled leather, fabric leftovers, the motorcore trend and the stretched pile knit. And we couldn’t really say which one was our favourite. Perhaps the biker dress in white, orange, black and blue with animal print detailing; the draped, layered neon green dress over a jumpsuit with the designer’s iconic moon motif or the full knitted ensemble with ponytail included. It’s best to judge for yourself:

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