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A self-reflective collection in which Marshall Columbia travels back to his childhood to recover some of the most significant elements and incorporate them into his SS22 collection.

Oversized denim, layering, exaggerated sleeves, beaded embellishments and cut-out seams. All this and much more makes up the Brooklyn-born designer‘s new collection, where bright colours such as electric blue and lime green take over most of the garments.

“I always try to use my earliest memories as an initial reference point for a collection. And with my first menswear collection I’ve been thinking a lot about when all me and my friends in the neighbourhood did was skate. Even when we weren’t at the skatepark, we were playing Tony Hawk’s Underground or staying up all night watching skate videos on YouTube,” says Marshall Columbia“For me, growing up gay in this environment was also very hard and triggering. The skate culture was very toxic and homophobic, a big reason why I stopped skateboarding. That’s why in this collection I want to create the environment I wish I had when I was growing up. What would it be like if the skatepark was an inclusive place?”

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