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In the midst of the effervescence of Madrid’s creative scene, two of the city’s leading names, the N-E design studio and the men’s fashion shop Mini Shop Madrid, have joined forces to reinterpret one of the accessories of the moment. These scarves have a unique and contemporary design, inspired by the houndstooth motif that decorates Madrid’s regional costumes.


From this classic print, so intentional and local at the same time, the creators of N-E, in collaboration with Mini Shop Madrid, have made a deconstruction work and have designed © GALLO; a modular and contemporary typography that is composed of more than 600 characters and their corresponding ligatures (signs formed by two or more characters that can be read separately).

“Typography is the voice of a brand. Thanks to it, a project can speak and, moreover, be recognisable. The aim of © GALLO is to give voice and identity to the creative scene in Madrid” explains N-E.

Once the typography was developed, the creators moved on to the next level: to unite the graphic and fashion worlds in one product.

“A photographic specimen is a publication whose function is to show all the possibilities, weights and uses that a typography has. Our idea is to transfer it from paper to fabric. But not all garments offer the same possibilities. One, above all, offers limited options: the scarf. It’s like a blank sheet of paper for a designer, it allows us to present whatever we want without worrying about folds or seams”, says the Mini Shop Madrid team.

After several months of work, the first collaboration between N-E and Mini Shop Madrid consists of three scarves with different formats and prints: “When unfolded, we can appreciate the messages of each scarf, but in use, these messages become an abstract texture that shows, in a more explicit way, the houndstooth pattern,” N-E explains.

  • Bandana size, 60 x 60 cm, with the phrase in © GALLO; ‘Never change passion for glory’, motto of N-E.
  • Medium size, 90 x 90 cm; with the 643 glyphs that make up the typography © GALLO.
  • Large size, 120 x 120 cm, with Mini Shop Madrid‘s iconic ‘Peace and love’ in the new typography.

With the pieces produced and the design of a packaging to match the garment, it was decided to go a step further and make a gluing of careles that adapt the designs of the scarves.

Emphasising the desire to create synergies between creatives, the photographs of the campaign would be recorded by the camera of the photographer Rocío Aguirre, who adds her name at this stage to the collaboration between the renowned design studio and the mecca of trends in Madrid. The campaign shows the multiple uses of the scarves, most of which are inspired by the Japanese art of wrapping: Furoshiki.

The scarves will be available for purchase from 24 November at Mini Shop Madrid. Your purchase includes a code that, through a landing page created for the occasion, allows you to download © GALLO. The typography is also available for purchase independently on the N-E website.

“Interesting things are happening in Madrid and now more than ever we need to strengthen connections and support each other,” concludes the MS team.