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In life, as in football, above winning or losing, the important thing is to find each other. This is precisely what is told in ’23’, the song that Morat has created together with Mahou and which provides the soundtrack for the brand’s new spot. Through real stories, the campaign shows various everyday encounters that take place around the beautiful game, which also include the members of the band.


The song has been composed exclusively for the campaign and will also be the Colombian group‘s new single, available on platforms from Wednesday 21st.

“I want you to remember that even if my life goes by, you will remember that I always followed you without conditions. I know that some are won and some are lost, but I don’t care if I have you”. As its chorus shows, the song has a double reading about football and life, and expresses both love for a sports club and for those people who, day after day, make us happier.

Morat, who over the last few years have not stopped adding unconditional fans to their legion of fans thanks to their ultra-catchy melodies and lyrics dedicated to love after love, value the moments shared with the people we love. Thus, they have created this “anthem of encounters” that fits perfectly with the purpose of Mahou Cinco Estrellas, focused on promoting quality encounters to live better.

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