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MSGM evokes a utopian and hedonistic reality set in a psychedelic party where a fluid group of young people play at being free with the new pieces of the AW22 collection.

Forced to suspend the physical fashion show, creative director Massimo Giorgetti decided to showcase the collection through a fashion film. And he did so in collaboration with audiovisual director Luke Abby, projecting a film in which several young people from the Z generation dance, uninhibited in community and interact with the works of Gaetano Pesce.

Giorgetti’s obsession with Gaetano’s creative universe brought their imaginations together in this fashion episode. The architect and designer lent MSGM full access to his archive; a journey in which he ended up materializing quilted sweatshirts made with the same technique as the Italian’s abstract sofas.


Beyond the film, the brand presents a euphoric lookbook featuring marble-print sets, neon outfits and T-shirts inscribed with the word “Fluidity“. Zoom in even further and you can see trippy motifs like magic mushrooms or hemp flowers printed on denim silhouettes.

“We have to stay young, keeping up with the new cultures, with the new generations,” says Giorgetti about the spirit of this new collection with which he is updating his DNA.