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The Taiwanese urban clothing brand founded by three brothers and their father, NAMESAKE, has been one of the latest to join the official Paris Fashion Week (PFW) calendar, making its debut at the latest edition of the event with a presentation worth remembering, especially for all the moments they offered us and the sensations they made us experience.

The HIGHXTAR team travelled to the French capital to attend the first presentation of NAMESAKE in Paris, where the first part was presented in the purest press conference style with a table, an XL screen and several microphones. Once seated, those of us present experienced the feelings of empathy and sadness generated by the video presentation of the “Home Court” collection for Autumn/Winter 22/23. When we finished watching the fashion film, our feelings changed from empathy and sadness to joy, thanks in part to the saxophonist and singer who livened up the event. From joy we moved on to companionship, a great value of the brand that was perfectly represented by the models in charge of wearing the most significant looks of N3’s AW22/23 in a casual and sporty atmosphere, simulating a basketball game (in the best sense of the word).

As for the garments in the collection, they were all based on the different chapters of the designers’ personal lives, inspired by the athleisure, genderless and carefree style (an ode to the swagger of the Jason Williams 02’king era) and with a predominance of Japanese influences. Our favourite pieces from the collection? The turquoise blue knitted jumper with stars on the front, the varsity jacket with a blazer collar paired with a striped skirt, the oversized trousers and the jackets with leather lapels (adding formality). And don’t forget the leg warmers that nod to Harajuku party nights, the multiple prints, the unique “Nori Wari Some” dyeing techniques and the fabrics such as corduroy, denim and french terry, coated with a unique 5mm dye paste that creates natural cracks after drying.

Did you know the brand NAMESAKE? Did you like to discover all the details of their autumn/winter collection “Home Court”? Take a look at the gallery to see the collection in its entirety and if you haven’t had time to watch the presentation video yet, do it, because it’s worth it.