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Produced by Canada and featuring the dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille, Nathy Peluso stars in her first fashion campaign: LOVE, ALWAYS by BIMBA Y LOLA.


This year, the party comes to BIMBA Y LOLA with the “LOVE, ALWAYS” campaign: an exaltation of friendship, music, joy and freedom. Starring the Argentinian singer, composer and performer Nathy Peluso, the dancers of the Ballet National de Marseille and directed and choreographed by (LA)HORDE – a French artistic collective founded by Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel – the “LOVE, ALWAYS” campaign also features the famous director of photography André Chemetoff.

In the middle of a family dinner, the protagonist sneaks out to celebrate with her group of friends, who are waiting for her to experience a night full of fireworks, lights and dancing to the rhythm of the iconic and vibrant 90s hit ‘Rythm is a Dancer’ by the duo Snapl. A party where diversity, love, respect, music and the desire to have fun coexist.

The “LOVE, ALWAYS” campaign introduces one of the key pieces of the upcoming season: the Chimo logo bag. Focused on the circular BIMBA Y LOLA logo, this new volume is available in various colours: purple, black and white, as well as prints in acid colours such as green and orange. In materials such as leather and laminated fabric and various sizes, the Chimo bag is named after the different and striking treatment of the logo; a metallic piece in contrasting colours.


Free and fun. Fresh and lively. This campaign reflects the BIMBA Y LOLA attitude and the brand‘s core values. A creative collective that spreads art and culture through fashion. And love. Love, always.