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Needles and MIYAGIHIDETAKA have teamed up to create a collection that celebrates their identities through the layering of archival patterns, ranging from patchwork to flannel to bandana prints.

The Japanese brand Needles is given the paisley treatment by MIYAGIHIDETAKA, which dresses the capsule in various colour combinations with its motifs. The classic Needles 7 Cut Rebuild shirt and the Needles Ribbon Shirt are thus imbued with this visually powerful aesthetic.

The trousers and jacket feature a patchwork design, repeating the paisley motifs in different colors. The side stripes on the trousers and sleeves as well as the Needles butterfly logo define the codes of the textile series.


The five pieces of the collection will go on sale exclusively on 20 November at Nepenthes Tokyo, as well as at IMA:ZINE.