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Have you ever heard of the phenomenon of washing your hair upside down? TikTok is full of videos that follow this new trend based on applying conditioner or mask before shampooing. 

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With over 118 million views on TikTok, #reversehairwashing involves reversing the order in which you would use your hair washing products. Instead of shampooing first, you’d start with conditioner.

By using conditioner first and then shampoo, you are removing much of the conditioner, which makes your hair lighter to manage, as conditioner is known to weigh hair down and make it greasy and shampoo removes the hair’s natural oils, especially those with sulphates.

TikTok users who have relied on this application claim that the method made their hair softer and more voluminous. In theory, reverse washing is often not as practical for dry, coarse or curly hair, which benefits from the conditioning process.

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If done right, it can definitely pay off. Overall, the most important thing is to use the method to find the right balance of softness, hydration and moisture that works for your hair type.

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