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Ninamounah Langestraat, creative director of the Dutch brand Ninamounah, has become one of the emerging designers of the moment, thanks in part to her avant-garde and contemporary creations, which after being presented during Paris Fashion Week (PFW), have automatically positioned themselves as true pieces of desire.

Named “The Fertile”, with a total of almost 20 looks and true to the creative vision that characterises her, Langestraat has presented her Spring/Summer 22 collection inspired by the most instinctive natural senses that feed the brand’s unique personality.

Categorised by herself as her most personal collection, the designer incorporates visual body elements combined with flowing lines that aim to celebrate a sense of lust and fertility. Among the garments in the collection, we have to highlight the silk garments that wrap around the waist, the tops with straps that cling to the neck and shoulders or the fluid trousers with a V-shaped waist. On the other hand, the final touch to the looks is the leather belts.

Check out the gallery to see Ninamounah’s SS22 collection and put it on your fashion radar because it promises to be a big hit.

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