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Noah and Keith Haring join forces once again and launch their fifth collaborative Christmas capsule celebrating their love of New York City. The couple’s latest Christmas Capsule features decorations for one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. 

Noah x Keith Haring’s 2021 collection includes a range of basics and hats that continue his streetwear vision. These include sweatshirts and T-shirts with the text “Merry Christmas New York City”. The brand has got into the Christmas spirit by including candles, Christmas tree ornaments, Crayola crayons and a Zippo lighter.

Each time Noah and Keith Haring collaborate, they select a social cause to contribute to. This year, they will donate 10% of all proceeds from sales to Cafeteria Culture, a non-profit organisation that works creatively with young people to achieve climate-smart, waste-free school communities and a plastic-free biosphere.


This Christmas capsule is now available on Noah’s website and in all its physical shops.

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