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Oakley® today launches its Eye Jacket and Eye Jacket Redux models together for the first time in the brand’s history. The Eye Jacket, born of the digital revolution (before it even existed) has an authentic design. It is a milestone from the 1990s that is reinterpreted in the Eye Jacket Redux.


In a throwback to the ’90s and basketball culture, the brand introduces NBA superstars and Oakley team athletes Damian Lillard and Kelly Oubre Jr. as they follow in the footsteps of the ’90s sports icons who wore the style on the court.

The original Eye Jacket was created by Oakley using the latest innovations of the time. They are designed with the aid of computer-aided design (CAD); allowing for a sculptural design and digitally perfect fit. The centre of the eye is aligned with the best point for optical clarity. The original frame was one of the first to be created with a 3D printer; allowing for on-the-fly adjustments to the design.

By controlling the development process, Oakley has been able to create frames that bridge past, present and future. Today, the brand’s rich heritage is reinterpreted for One More Dance with an encore of this memorable model.


Both designs will be sold together and only 250 packs are available for purchase worldwide. Once the brand runs out of stock, the Eye Jacket Redux will remain on the website independently.