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Under the name “Luft”, the Swedish word for “air”, Our Legacy SS23 is inspired by this element and the characteristics it brings. Garments that are crumpled and others that are detachable seem to be tangled by the wind in the middle of a storm.

The surprising thing about this collection is that the garments have been made for the opposite purpose for which they are traditionally created. Jackets, sweaters, and coats, appropriate for certain climates were reinterpreted for the opposite. The sweaters appear made in silk, the biker jackets, usually leather, were made in cotton. For bags, the brand used recycled elements, followed by a selection of sunglasses and belts.

Through a minimalist tailoring and palette, the tailoring incorporates technical aspects and utilitarian details. In the words of Christopher Nying, the brand’s creative director, “This collection is an illusionary outdoor world in a more realistic sense. Classic outerwear has been inverted and deconstructed while keeping the essentials in mind, limiting the amount of embellishment and letting the fabric take center stage.”

Inverted and deconstructed, the collection appears completely devoid of frills, letting the garments speak for themselves. It highlights Cristopher Nying’s exceptional sensitivity and ability to see unexpected connections in ordinary things.

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