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Slam Jam and Fuct come together for the first time ever with a 5-items special capsule collection embracing the aesthetics of the nineties, an icon of pop culture and rebellion.

Driven by the provocative vision of its creator and the subversive Italian powerhouse Slam Jam, the collection features the iconic Oval Parody logo on the front – embracing Erik Brunetti‘s controversial approach. On the back Slam Jam hits with its call for a free and (un)formal ecosystem.

The dedicated skate deck is the manifestation of the deeply rooting connection to skateboarding culture and its values.

“FUCT developed a look and a style that personifies youth rebellion and anti-authority, but with a serious stylish twist” says Aaron Rose.

The Oval Parody exhibition curated by Kaleidoscope is a series of twelve acrylic painting, furthers Brunetti‘s thought-provoking feedback loop of reference, interpretation and recreation.

The capsule collection will be available from October 27th at Slam Jam doors, and