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In this new episode Palace Holiday 2020, various codes of the hip-hop subculture, now converted into pop culture, come to the fore. The brand presents a capsule collection that includes references to Shakespeare or collaborations with adidas or Suburban Bliss. What more could you ask for?

After experimenting with Moschino‘s humor in a recent collaboration, Palace is now showing its next Holiday 20 offering through a minimalist lookbook from which several elements can be read: color blocking, cozy materials such as fleece or knit, and lots of vintage vibes.

Palace refers to the English playwright William Shakespeare through two variations of his Varsity jacket, as well as a round-neck jumper with “Old England” on the back. Winter-inspired ‘Palaska’ accessories, parkas, or hoodies protect us from the cold, while graphic T-shirts cover the first layer of the look.

Two launches accompany this latest offer from the skatewear brand: the yellow adidas Firebird tracksuit and a vast set of t-shirts, trousers, sweatshirts and accessories from the hand and creativity of Suburban Bliss.

Palace’s Holiday 20 collection will be available in the UK on 27 November and in Japan and China on 28 November through the London brand’s e-store.