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Vietnamese by birth and American immigrant, Peter Do, has achieved what very few manage to achieve. After announcing his participation in New York Fashion Week, everyone was anxiously awaiting his debut during this reborn fashion week. Well, said and done, objective achieved, since after presenting his Spring/Summer 22 collection, the designer has become one of the clear protagonists of the New York fashion week, getting in turn that all the fashion critics do not stop talking about him (positively). 

Held at Greenpoint, located in the Brooklyn, next to the East River and with Manhattan on the horizon, P.D. presented a functional and versatile collection, in which the brand’s characteristic colour palette of monochromatic tones predominated, although colour was also present thanks to a couple of mustard and lime green looks.

Also present were the four-piece suits, Do’s hallmark, made up of a pleated skirt that is lighter than in other seasons. We cannot forget the leather garments, the embroidered coats or the “XL” bags.

What did you think of Peter Do’s New York Fashion Week debut?