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The pornographic website Pornhub has just launched its first series on sex education. They aim to cover any taboo subject related to sexuality, as well as teaching healthy masturbation habits, the correct way to use a condom and more.


Pornhub is the website known to be the largest pornographic portal in the world. Taking advantage of its circulation, and the enormous amount of daily visits, they have launched a series on sexual education. This includes a total of 11 episodes narrated by professional sex therapists who share their advice on anatomy, healthy habits for masturbation, or the correct way to use a condom.

The first episode entitled “Communication” deals with the limits or pressures experienced during sex. “Everyone deserves to have their boundaries respected,” says sex therapist and presenter Dr. Cat Meyers. “Being pressured into doing sexual things doesn’t feel good. If you’re going to have sex, you should know how to communicate about sex.

Because of the current situation, they have also posted a video dedicated to explaining how to have sex during the pandemic. “A recent study has found that COVID-19 has been found in semen,” says sex therapist Jessicia Ross. However, doctors have not confirmed whether the virus can be transmitted through sex.

Save the straws for later and learn a little more about sex education. I think we all need it. You can watch the 11 episodes of the series by clicking here.

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