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This is the second year that Raf Simons presents a collection full of oversize garments that alter shapes and conventions. In addition, this proposal continues with his usual genderless discourse.

The co-director of Prada, has designed for his new collection quilted jackets, wide shirts and giant sweaters that extend his genderless fashion aesthetic. He has paired these garments with long, softly flared pants that reach to the floor and stand out for their chromaticism that goes from yellow to pink and green.

If we pay attention to the details, the skeleton bracelets that surround the arms and wrists of the models, are undoubtedly the star accessories of the collection. As are the canvas bags on which the brand’s logo is printed.

“The collection is about the things I love, the things I have always loved, which are always present in each collection, in the processes behind it and in the garments,” said Raf Simons. In addition, the designer himself introduces in his new designs words like “Ataraxia”, “Dichotomy”, “Devotion” and “Loyalty”, like the one he feels for Kraftwerk and their songs as the soundtrack of his fashion shows.

In the last two seasons his collections have been based on simpler and more obvious garments, giving way to silhouettes that expand and stop clinging to the body. These so-called bubble shapes appear on the scene along with the new Runner shoe model with Cylon.

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