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Technology may not be able to emulate humans, but that does not mean that humanity cannot improve itself through it. Today, Reebok presented its new collaboration with fashion firm Charli Cohen (@charlicohen). In it, both brands explore the concept of the exoskeleton, a technological element that allows performance outside the realm of natural biology but at the same time highlights those imperfections that make us human.

“Having grown up with the first generation of digital natives, I am fascinated by the conflict between the vast immensity of what technology gives us access to and the limitations of the human brain itself to process it,” explains Charli Cohen.

“I think this gap is one of the main reasons why we live in permanent mental conflict. Closing that gap depends in part on technology working in harmony with humanity. Technology should give us the tools we need to evolve as fast as our environment, without ignoring those imperfections that are typical of human beings. Innovation in the field of sports performance is already partly focused on this idea, so it’s really exciting and inspiring to be able to explore this concept in collaboration with Reebok, a brand known for its long experience in technological innovation.”

The new Reebok x Charli Cohen collaboration includes the Zig Kinetica Horizon silhouette.

The silhouette comes in two color combinations: black and white.

The new Reebok x Charli Cohen collection is available from today in women’s sizes at a price of 119.95€ at and