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For the past two seasons, running / cycling sunglasses have been an authentic #must. Without a doubt, one of the brands that has eaten most of the cake has been Oakley: both for its avant-garde designs and for the quality and trajectory of the product.

Oakley x Vetements VS Rudy

Oakley x Vetements

In reality many designers have opted for the giant OakleyACW or Vetements – but one of the most attractive shapes on the market today does not belong to the brand of the “O”, belongs to a brand a little smaller called Rudy Project, a brand much more niche but with designs that are a real madness.

Rudy Project Tralyx

Rudy Project Tralyx

One of our favorite models is the Tralyx, people like Rihanna or Marine Serre models have worn it. The price is more or less the same as the Oakley, you can find this model for 90€ approx.



We are sorry to have created this new need for you… But just like us, you know you want this sunglasses. In its web you can find more models.