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Sacai launches a new collection of its men’s line for SS21. This time its creative director, Chitose Abe has joined forces with artist Han Willis Thomas to give voice to the historical and cultural moment we are living. 

Under the motto associated with the hippie movement: “peace and love“, Chitose Abe has focused her new collection to honor society as a whole. Thus, she has managed to transmit messages of encouragement through her garments. “Basically, the collection is to honor and respect all people, and also to agree — ‘Love over rules,’ no matter what their race, culture or sexuality“, said Abe. That’s when the “Love Over Rules” manifesto came out, an expression created by Thomas (@hankwillisthomas).

Accompanying the collection, Thomas’ powerful phrase fulfilled a clear objective: to delve into the current social issue of social inequalities. Thus, the collection is presented with complete looks, including a series of somewhat informal male jackets and shirts. This symbiosis represents, without a doubt, the strength of both creators. So Abe has inspired his collection with Thomas’s photographic and mixed-technique work. The result is a set of sinuous garments that combine Thomas’ delicacy and Abe’s temperament.