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For the presentation of the Saint Laurent SS22 menswear collection, creative director Anthony Vaccarello collaborated with artist Doug Aitken to create an architectural work. As the cast of models walked down the runway, the work opened up an eco-narrative about the idea of the future world. 

Anthony Vaccarello’s vision for Saint Laurent has always included more than fashion. From homeware to tchotchkes, the maison embraces all aspects of luxury lifestyle. That’s why Saint Laurent has incorporated a huge work of art into the island setting of its latest runway show.

Artist Doug Aitken has created the immense Green Lens to accompany the house’s show. Described by Saint Laurent as a “living experiential work of art”. The glass installation is set in a garden within Isola della Certosa, an island in Italy’s Venetian lagoon; yes, it’s as idyllic as it sounds.

Los enormes paneles vidriosos de Green Lens reflejan el entorno, como un himno a la belleza natural. Aunque la instalación forma parte del desfile de Saint Laurent SS22, está habilitada para albergar una serie de eventos durante todo el mes de julio, representando la visión de la firma francesa.

The huge glass panels of Green Lens reflect the environment, like a hymn to natural beauty. Although the installation is part of the Saint Laurent SS22 show, it is set to host a series of events throughout July, representing the French brand‘s vision.

Green Lens is as eco-friendly as its name suggests, the brand will fund a reforestation programme of the Isola della Certosa garden. In addition, the brand will replant native flora and donate plants as part of a local restructuring initiative. At the same time, it will rebuild a damaged wall on the neighbouring island of Certosa.