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ASICS has become a focus for collaborations. The last one: this new iteration of the GEL-Nimbus 22, a classic of the firm reinvented by SHOOP Clothing. At first glance it may look like just another shoe; however, the silhouette is full of unique details.

SHOOP x ASICS has opted for the iteration of a classic: GEL-Nimbus 22. Introduced at the London Fashion Week, the silhouette is presented in monochrome black based on textile pieces and leather finishes. The most attractive element has been SHOOP’s contribution after designing a ripstop panel that embraces the ankle and sinks into the heel. They have also added a zippered system on the instep that wraps around the shoe. This way the classic laces are hidden under this transparent layer with the patent seams.

As you can see, this versatile silhouette seems to have come from the future. A first glance might make you think that its design is no different from the original. But after analyzing the drop, you’ll realize how much detail accompanies the collaboration.

For now, the GEL-Nimbus 22 is only available at retailers like Sivasdelcazo at a price of 290 ?. We hope you can get hold of them.

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