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To create this collection, SHOOP was inspired by the concept of transformation, the ultimate symbol of which is the butterfly. In addition to appearing as a common thread in the garments, the insect takes over the messages printed on T-shirts announcing, for example, “the beginning of something wonderful”.


Highlights of the launch include oversized coats and suits with slits; animal prints; technical fabrics and others such as velvet and denim; knitwear and patchwork. As a novelty, SHOOP collaborates with the artists X-presion Creativos in a capsule collection that includes a series of caps embroidered with handcrafted personalised hair.

He also works together with a Japanese brand of handmade jeans: Haruhito Jeans, designing a series that imagines how the garments would be beautifully deteriorated after 100 years with the “Boro” technique. In this way, he envisions a future that has done away with mass production and mass consumption and in which garments last longer.

The campaign has been captured – through images and video – by Dai Yamashiro, Nast Men$ah and Daichi Hatsuzawa. Find out more about the brand by clicking here.