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Earlier this year, Slam Jam (@slamjam) celebrated its 30th anniversary with a peculiar collaboration with Nike Blazer, giving way to an upside-down Swoosh and details of “Class 1977”. Now, the filtered images suggest that the original version will be followed by a second upside down Swoosh. This time, the color palette will be turned around with a black base and a white Swoosh.

Slam Jam x Nike Blazer Mid

The second SlamJam x Nike Blazer Mid includes the same “Class 1977” details in the heels of the original version. The medial Swoosh is upside down, while the lateral Swoosh remains unchanged. The materials used on the side and middle sides are also different. On this new occasion, they are composed of a black canvas base on the sides and a black leather base on the middle sides. Suede coverings are present on the laces, toe cap and sides of the shoe.

All the signs suggest that this black version will be available on 29 November. Stay tunned.