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The British designer Stella McCartney, activist and fighter for human rights, social causes and the environment, has done it again, she has demonstrated again, but unlike on other occasions, this time Stella has expressed her disagreement against animal abuse in the form of a campaign.

Under the name “Our time has come”, this campaign we are referring to, has consisted of practically turning the streets of the vibrant city of London into a zoo. On this occasion, Stella wanted to put animal masks on her models so that they could walk around some of the main points of the capital of the United Kingdom, with her new Autumn 2021 collection. Regarding the garments of this last line, we can highlight the pastel coloured coats or the reversioned “teddy coat” and the navy blue, beige or brown bags.

On the other hand, McCartney’s latest social action has nothing more or less to do with the defence of the animal world that she has been carrying out for several years, as she has always been an advocate of sustainable fashion. And speaking of sustainable fashion, this latest collection “Our time Has to come” is undoubtedly the one that most supports this sustainability, as almost all the garments are made of 80% ecological materials. In addition, the British brand has also partnered with the Human Society International, with the aim of putting an end to animal abuse, as almost 100 million animals are slaughtered to produce articles or pieces made of leather.

What do you think of this latest fight by designer Stella McCartney? Good, isn’t it? We love the initiative and we couldn’t agree more, BRAVO Stella, keep it up!