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If there is one thing that characterises Stella McCartney, apart from her exclusive designs, it is her strong commitment to sustainable production. For this reason, it has just formalised its alliance with Protein Evolution (PEI), the start-up dedicated to innovation in biological recycling processes.

After designing the first luxury handbag made from mushrooms, the first vegan football boots and a reusable and recyclable tracksuit – the latter two proposals in collaboration with adidas – the British designer is once again committed to researching sustainable materials.

This is the main reason for its latest alliance with PEI, a US start-up company dedicated to innovation in bio-recycling. Among its achievements is the design of enzymes capable of breaking down plastic and textile waste.

Now, together with McCartney‘s team, they will work together to process all polyester and nylon textile scraps and surpluses into new fibres.