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Sticky M.A. fans are in luck and the meme accounts reflect it. The rapper returns after almost 6 months of silence since his previous singles ‘Prada’ and the Latin remix ‘No Vas a Joderme’.

Sticky M.A.

The artist from Madrid returns with ‘Gore’; a new single in the form of a pseudo-ballad where he continues to expand his universe without leaving aside his characteristic luminous and unclassifiable sound.

This intricate production is in charge of Fabianni and I-Ace -members of their collective Agorazein– and Jambo; one of the most international beatmakers of the scene, responsible for most of the tracks of Sticky‘s celebrated album ‘Konbanwa’.

Everything seems to indicate that the sticky one has awakened from its slumber. We hope that ‘Gore’ is just the beginning of his new adventures.

Listen to Sticky M.A. ‘s new single by clicking here.