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Hailey Bieber became Superga’s new global ambassador in March of this year. Now, she continues to weave her collaborative love story with the brand in the new fall campaign that showcases reimagined silhouettes like the 2750 or the 2706 “Campionato”.


“When I think of timeless style I think of something that transcends different generations,” commented Bieber in a press release. “Superga is a brand that has stood the test of time. The brand’s classic styles and sustainability make it a closet staple.”

The fashion film shot outside the Tennis and Riding Club in Malibu by Zoey Grossman illustrates the classic 2750s made from naturally dyed organic cotton canvas, as well as the “Campionato” 2706 OG reconstructed in raw beige cotton. The Alpina Ripstop sneakers, the 2790 platform, the 2630 and the new Rubber boots close the timeless proposal of the Italian house.

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