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Following the launch of its latest collaboration with The North Face, Supreme is creating an Aeon Flux-inspired collection for spring 2022. The collection consists of a Varsity jacket, pullover, football jersey, hoodie, shorts and two t-shirts.

Captivating audiences with its blend of avant-garde, science fiction and adventure, in 1995 MTV aired a season of ten half-hour episodes as a stand-alone series. The innovative nature of Aeon Flux generated a cult following that continues to celebrate its cinematic visual style and subversive approach to animated storytelling to this day.

The Aeon Flux series is set in a strange dystopia in Germany where two warring cities, Monica and Bregna, are inhabited by mutant creatures, clones and robots. Competing for ideological supremacy, Monica represents a nihilistic anarchist society, while Bregna is an Orwellian police state. The protagonist, a secret agent for the city of Monica, uses his skills to infiltrate Bregna.

The Aeon Flux x Supreme Spring 2022 collaboration celebrates the success of this cult American animated series through a collection that elevates Supreme’s signature streetwear style with Aeon Flux-inspired graphics. The special collection includes a Varsity jacket, jumper, hoodie, football jersey, t-shirts and shorts.


The Aeon Flux x Supreme Spring 2022 collaboration will be available exclusively through the streetwear website on March 31 at 11 am EDT in the United States and April 2 at 11 am JST in Japan.

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