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For Christmas, Supreme is once again including the lipstick it created with make-up artist Pat McGrath in its offer. From today it is available but if you want to get it, don’t think too much about it: when it was launched it was sold out in record time.

Supreme Pat McGrath labios

In October, Pat McGrath Laboratories and the Supreme team teamed up to launch the ultimate lipstick.  The color red that identifies the streetwear brand and the lips that seal the makeup artist’s products coexist in the same product, giving rise to a true object of desire.

The collaboration was a success, as the stock was sold out in only 8.2 seconds. So, if you couldn’t get hold of the lipstick of the moment, you got another chance. Today, Matte Trance lipstick —which has the perfect red shade for this season— is back in stock for the price of 38.7 euros, and 47 if we’re talking about dollars.

Go to Supreme’s online store to get it. And if it’s already sold out, you can also buy it at Farfetch, although it’s more expensive.