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Supreme continues to collaborate with brands and artists after presenting its work with Clarks Originals. Now it’s The Crow’s turn, bringing a collection inspired by James O’Barr’s comics.


The American writer began writing ‘The Crow’ to channel the suffering caused by the death of his fiancé. Thus, in 1989 he published the first four volumes under the titles ‘Despair’, ‘Irony’, ‘Fear’ and ‘Pain’. The last instalment, released in 1992, was a resounding success, selling over a million copies.

This is a supernatural dark fantasy comic book series set in Detroit where the protagonist couple, Eric and Shelly, are murdered. The story focuses on Eric’s resurrection and how a mystical raven guides him on his quest for revenge. James O’Barr says he was inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Arthur Rimbaud as well as The Cure and Joy Division.

“The Raven was born out of my pain and tragedies. If I can help people through theirs, I’m glad I did,” says the writer. “The heart of The Crow has always been the same: pain and grief, as bad as they are, are temporary. Love is forever.”

This is how the new Supreme collection was born. Also focusing on the figure of The Raven, the original illustrations from the comics take over the new garments. This is the case of the Schott® Perfecto jacket, the workwear jacket, two models of hoodies, jeans, cargo trousers and two T-shirts. To complete the launch, a skateboard has been designed and the 100% and 1000% MEDICOM TOY KUBRICK figures have been included.


The Crow x Supreme collection will be available worldwide from 16 September via the Supreme website.