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Has Instagram hidden your likes?

Users have reported a problem to Instagram: they can’t see their likes. Maybe this bug will become a definite thing.


Goodbye to share your Instagram posts on stories

Instagram launches an update on a trial basis: it will prevent users from sharing their own posts in stories.


A man could lose his $220 million Bitcoin wallet after forgetting his password

New York Times article reports that numerous owners have had their Bitcoin wallets blocked after forgetting their passwords.

Bitcoin has set a new record

El sábado 2 de enero, la cripto-moneda ha superado los 24 mil euros, marcando el récord absoluto de un viaje que comenzó el pasado mes de octubre.


We talk w/ Alice & js from @jaimetoutcheztoi

We talked with Alice Barbier and js Roques de @jaimetoutcheztoi about the current panorama of fashion and digital content.

Twitter starts testing its new live audio feature

Twitter has begun testing its new live audio feature, Spaces.

Twitter now allows users to share tweets on Instagram and Snapchat

Each tweet will have a sharing menu that allows users to put them on Snapchat or Instagram Stories.

US sues Facebook and asks it to get rid of Instagram and Whatsapp

The US Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit for monopolistic practices against Facebook.

Anissa Kermiche and her original Christmas decorations

Anissa Kermiche, known for her ceramic vases with shapes that pay homage to the female anatomy, brings out Christmas decorations.

Would you use this Instagram retro?

Julien Rivoir is in charge of making our imagination fly by transforming everyday products into something new.

Instagram and Facebook DMs can report screenshots

Facebook is already incorporating Disappearance Mode into Messenger and Instagram DMs where messages disappear automatically.

The black curvy model that forced a change in Instagram

Instagram cambiará su estricta política de desnudez en contra de la pornografía, que se traduce en la censura de los cuerpos femeninos.

Chiara Ferragni, the most famous influencer in the world, wants to go on the stock market

The millionaire business of talents or influencers moves a whopping 6.8 billion euros a year. But everything could change if Chiara Ferragni goes to the stock market.

Facebook Messenger imitates Instagram and changes its appearance

Taking advantage of Facebook’s recent update to Instagram DMs, the platform has introduced a new look to Messenger.

How to change the Instagram icon with your 10th anniversary secret menu

Instagram is having an anniversary. To celebrate its tenth birthday, the app allows you to change its icon with different versions.


Instagram launches new features to customize DMs

Fulfilling the promise of merging the Messenger application with Instagram’s DMs, new features are added.

Influencers who rent a set to take pictures on a fake private jet

In the era of social networks, it is inevitable that we have all seen influencers showing their own “planes”…


This influencer uses the California fires to sell her dress

The post, with the initial caption, was viralized on Twitter. LeClair has edited the caption but we have all read the original publication.

Uber’s flying cabs could arrive in 2023

Uber has offered a more detailed vision of how his futuristic Uber Elevate service will work.


Bots invade Instagram Reels in less than a week

Barely a week after its launch, Instagram Reels is already suffering from the arrival of the dreaded bots and fake visits.


Instagram’s done with Snapchat, now it’s TikTok’s turn?

While the future of TikTok remains uncertain, Instagram has just launched its direct competitor, Reels.