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Instagram aims to copy BeReal’s dynamics

Instagram is testing a new feature within its app that is very reminiscent of the BeReal dynamic. We’ll tell you all the details.

Instagram stops its latest changes in the face of criticism

Following a wave of negative feedback from users, Instagram has announced that it will halt the changes it was making.

New Instagram update includes personalized search maps

Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that Instagram is working on developing custom search maps.

Instagram: you can now generate paid posts for subscribers

Instagram content creators can now share exclusive posts, Reels and Stories with a paywall to monetise their content.

Instagram and Facebook delete abortion pill ads

Facebook and Instagram have begun removing posts offering abortion pills to women who may not have access to them.

Instagram to verify age by scanning face

Instagram will use AI that analyses a person’s face in a selfie video via mobile and determines their approximate age.

Instagram Reels: new editing tools

Meta has introduced new creative tools for Instagram and Facebook aimed at creating, editing and scheduling Reels.

Instagram changes its image: new logo and new app

Instagram has announced that it will visually revamp its app. The platform is getting a new look and feel, with a new logo and app. 

Instagram allows NFTs to be accepted as profile pictures

Instagram, the most widely used social network of the moment, will start allowing some users to display their NFTS as profile pictures.

Lori Harvey is the first cover of The Zine, Instagram’s new magazine

Instagram chooses Lori Harvey as the first cover of its magazine, The Zine. The new issue unveils the featured trends for Spring 2022.

The feed’s evolution: from absolute aestheticism to the virtual diary

The social feed has gone from being characterized by absolute aestheticization to being a personal diary of our lives.

The creator of the GIF has died

A week ago Stephen Wilhite, the creator of the GIF format, passed away. Yes, that thing you often send through chats, emails or WhatsApp.

Miami imposes a curfew in the middle of Spring Break. The reason: the shootings

Spring Break in Miami, is being subject to restrictive measures following the state emergency resulting from the recent shootings.

Instagram offers two new options for viewing the chronological feed

Instagram is looking for new ways for people to take control of their experience on the platform and is adding two new ways to view your feed.

NFTs coming to Instagram sooner than expected

In a few months’ time, Instagram users could have the ability to display, share and coin NFT. Are you ready?

Russia bans Instagram: the most expected

The Russian government has placed restrictions on Instagram to control information circulating about the war in Ukraine.

Instagram Creator Lab: the educational portal for creators

Instagram has launched Creator Lab, an educational portal aimed at helping emerging creators grow their platforms.

Instagram adds “like” option to stories

Instagram has added a new feature that is less invasive than a reaction to indicate that you like a story – “likes”.

Mark Zuckerberg’s goal threatens to shut down Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg is threatening to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if he is not allowed to transfer his European users’ data.

It may soon be possible to create NFTs for Instagram and Facebook

Meta, in its move towards an even more digital world, is working on the creation and sale of NFTs for Meta and Instagram.

UK also wants to ban retouching on photos

Following Norway’s regulation, the UK wants to ban brands and influencers from retouching photos without warning.