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Re-Blog boom and death: 10 years of Tumblr

This decade saw the rise and fall of the microblogging site. In 2013, Yahoo! bought Tumblr for 1.1 billion euros, now Wordpress for 3.

Why masks and Tabi Boots have defined Maison Margiela’s heritage

As well as The Antwerp Six or Rei Kawakubo, Martin Margiela takes part of that bubble that has flown through time with impulses that transgress all parameters in fashion history.

Courses at the university to be an influencer: innate or acquired talent?

A few years ago everyone wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. However, now what moves the world are the ‘followers’ and the amount of “likes” that have your photos.

Apple will launch 230 new emojis

Apple is about to release iOS 13.2, which reveals a variety of new emojis as part of the Unicode 12 emoji version. In total, the new update will include 59 new options.

instagram seguidos

Instagram will remove the “following” function this week

Instagram users will no longer be able to see in real time what our friends, family, enemies and favorite accounts like and follow.

Stay tunned in fashion and beauty with NAYVA

NAYVA is a gang of four Bratz 3.0 with fits inspired by the 90’s and 2000’s that represent a new generation of fashion and beauty youtubers. Faith, Esme, Jasmine and Angel joined forces to turn on the Internet and show you that the reality of the fashion system is an experimental game without limits.

Bye Bye to likes in Instagram. How the measure affects fashion and influencers

Instagram decides to hide the number of ‘likes’. Are we talking about a failed experiment or is a change in the app approaching worldwide?

Ariana Renee, influencer with more than 2mill. followers fails in the sale of 36 shirts

Despite having 2.6 million followers in her Instagram account, influencer Ariana Renee has been unable to sell the 36 minimum t-shirts that would have allowed her to start the first shipments of her brand.

This influencer faked a weekend at Coachella

During the last few weeks instagram was filled with images of people enjoying themselves in Coachella, but were they really there?

Club 404 | Lil Miquela launches her own clothing line

The it girl, Lil Miquela, debuts in fashion design with Club 404, her own clothing collection.

Shoe fetishist? Yeah? This is your profile: @larslala

The Instagram @larslala account was born to focusing on the most extravagant and characteristic shoes in the industry.

Futuristic filters flood the net

The filters created by Johanna already have a multitude of instagramers that have made them circulate through social networks, and are being welcomed by the public with great success.

The Instagram account that revives makeup and hairstyles from magazines of the 80s

Laura Wingrove created @beautybook1985 as a mood board personal inspiration. Laura decided to go further and dive among style books and magazines.

Avanope pays tribute to Ken Park, the cult film censored in 2003

The Australian Ava Nirui “Avanope”, digital editor of Helmut Lang, has been inspired by the film ‘Ken Park’ for her latest project.

Unistella creates a nailart “collection” inspired by 2018 trends

Inspired by the logomania that collapsed us last year, nailart artist Unistella has transformed this trend into pure 90s girly aesthetics.

Nicole McClaughlin challenges the perception of the banal

From Nikon camera straps to Gatorade bottles, Nicole McClaughlin is changing the perception of ordinary things with her unique creations.

The new street style favorite is an eleven-years-old designer: The Golden Fly

The Golden Fly name is Ivan, he is eleven years old and has an assured career in the fashion world.

The new bible of fashion is no longer Vogue: it’s Instagram

Instagram has radically transformed the way in which trends are created and has replaced printed magazines as the main method within the public is informed about fashion.

@thats_so_csm documents the most avant-garde looks of Central Saint Martins

Thanks to the account of instagram @thats_so_csm we entered the interior of Central Saint Martens to know in first person the most avant-garde looks that run through the corridors.

@whatmiuccia, a deserved tribute to Miuccia Prada style

Her ability to look to the future and make us want things we never thought we would, make Miuccia a person to follow very closely and @whatmiuccia makes it really easy for us.

Lil Miquela | The Virtual ‘Raxet’

Lil Miquela is the virtual it girl configured through photography and rendering, ‘raxet’ codes and updated software in a futuristic version.