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Tangana presents Guille asesino which, like the previous one, is produced by Alizzz and, on this occasion, also by the iconic Pional.

C. Tangana - Guille Asesino

The song is accompanied by a video directed by Diana Kunst, the person responsible for videos such as Medellín by Madonna and Maluma or De aquí no sale from Rosalía. This time the visual proposal is based on a good collection of images of Renaissance art works that mixes with scenes of explicit sex by C. Tangana with the model Marina Guindilla. “I sit in a PornHub x Thyssen Museum collab“, said one of his followers.

“My intention was to make the viewer see and question our behavior without judging it so quickly. My purpose was to show and make you aware of the religious, political and social factors that we have inherited and subliminally influenced our lives,” Pucho explained to The Fader magazine.

“What adults valued when we were young children or what was supposed to provoke or attract a woman’s attention in our teenage years are behaviors and attitudes that are no longer valuable today.

No doubt Anton leaves no one indifferent and what he has demonstrated at this point is that he is a genius.