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Gentle Monster wanted to explore the infinite possibilities of eyewear through a new URL collection in collaboration with nine global artists. These lenses now become artistic pieces that break with their conventional meaning and open the door to new ideas and concepts.

Gentle Monster URL eyeswear collection

In an increasingly digital and less physical creative scene, fashion brands have done their best to virtualize their catwalks and collections to adapt them to the current situation. Well, Gentle Monster has wanted to go further and has led us to a landscape with which to see the future: that of the URL.

In collaboration with nine artists from around the world, the brand has carried out an experimental process of avant-garde design. Each of them had to create a digital interpretation that challenged the ‘norm’ in the eyewear industry.

The creatives designed a set of augmented reality pieces for the imaginary @gentlemonster, among which we can find from the creepy creation of Daisy Collingride, which seems to be made of human skin, to the ice glasses of Esmay Wagemans or the robotic work of Ikeuchi Hirota. What’s next?