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Marine Serre continues in her line of turning everything she creates into an object of desire. Now, she has united her lunar imaginary with the experimental eyewear brand Gentle Monster to present a collection of sunglasses with which to “zoom” in style.

Marine Serre x Gentle Monster

The series entitled VISIONIZER includes two retro-futuristic eyewear models inspired by both the 1990s and the future. French designer half-moon defines the identity of the sunglasses.

Marine Serre x Gentle Monster

The first pair, with thick frames and gradient lenses, is based on the kind of sunglasses that could be worn for extreme outdoor sports or at a rave. The second reimagines biker glasses through a glamorous, metallic pattern in different shades.

The launch date for the Marine Serre x Gentle Monster eyewear capsule is not yet known, but it is expected to be released in the summer season.