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Snoopy, Carlitos, Emilio and the rest of the troop take Swatch watches. Get ready to enjoy the good feelings and a colourful adventure with the new Swatch x Peanuts collaboration. 

The collection, featuring the iconic gang created by Charles M. Schulz, is brimming with character, imagination and great moments from the Peanuts comic strip, bringing to the doll a fun that is sure to awaken people’s inner child.

With nearly 18,000 comic strips, Peanuts is one of the most popular comic strips of all time, essential to pop culture. In Schulz‘s stories, childhood concerns blend with the realism of adult life to inspire generations with his beloved characters, such as Snoopy, Carlitos and Emilio. Anyone can identify with or know at least one of the gang. Herein lies to a large extent their enduring charm.

Swatch has enjoyed every second of this collaboration, from re-reading the Peanuts comic strips to creating six designs that pay homage to the adorable quirky personalities of the gang. True to the brand’s DNA, the watches have been created in sharp silhouettes and bright colours. But what makes this collaboration special is the attention to detail. There are specific references to the Peanuts comic strips and clever elements that only reveal themselves upon close inspection, such as the baseball and baseball glove on the hands of the First Base watch.

The glass and case of Gent and New Gent watches are made of biomaterials, while the strap of each watch features Peanuts on the loop. Each watch has its own specially designed case and fans collecting all six watches can get a customised frame to display all the watches together.

Two worlds collide on the dial of the Grande Bracchetto watch, where Snoopy appears next to the Swiss flag, a nod to Swatch‘s roots. Snoopy dreams of going on many adventures, but he never gets to go beyond his hut. From Snoopy the astronaut to Snoopy the chef, the monochrome Gent strap captures many of his alter egos.

Lucy is a girl with big ambitions and an even bigger personality. In Klunk!, Swatch perfectly captures her cheeky energy on a swing, “kicking” the numbers on the dial and in different situations reflected in the strap. In addition, the red and blue colours of the watch and case refer to the clothes Lucy wears in the comic strip.

HeeHeeHee shows Snoopy dancing on the dial and a perplexed Emilio on the strap. Swatch has taken a more minimalist approach with an almost entirely blue design, adorned with monochrome accents and yellow details. This design comes in the iconic 210cm Maxi version.

Smack! New Gent, inspired by the sixties and seventies of the last century, is Swatch‘s retro version of Peanuts. It features an entire comic strip with Lucy, Snoopy, Carlitos, Emilio, Sally, Linus and his blankie.

For all Carlitos fans, the bright yellow Pow Pow New Gent pays homage to the clumsy nature and bad luck of this lovable character. The dial shows Carlitos on a skateboard. On the other hand, the black and white print on the strap features his many baseball-related stumbles and situations.

The most recurring comic situation in Peanuts is that of the dysfunctional neighbourhood baseball team, organised by Carlitos. First Base shows the sport that unites the whole gang and almost all the characters are represented on the dial. At Swatch, we couldn’t help but include their signature touch of ingenuity: a baseball glove chasing a ball around the hands of the watch.

Swatch x Peanuts is now available in physical shops and on the Swatch website.