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Yesterday a heavenly event took place: Saturn and Jupiter entered in conjunction. Experts announce this event as the beginning of a new era. Almost at the same time, we humans, learned about the union between Marine Serre and A$AP Rocky. Although they inhabit the earthly with other mortals, their creations exceed earthly limits. Thus, this union can mean only one thing: a true heavenly encounter. 

Marine Serre and A$ AP Rocky met in 2019 even though they had both been tracking each other for a long time. In fact, Rocky declared himself a follower of Serre’s work. “I really loved her work. Aesthetically, I never saw somebody be so free, especially with a monogram—something as simple as a crescent moon,” says Rocky. “She has more of a, I would say, fashion-house approach to [her brand], but with a streetwear aesthetic. She collided both worlds. I’m an advocate for that: mixing high-end streetwear and low-end clothing, so it spoke to me, naturally. I just loved her aesthetics.”

Suddenly, Rocky found it quite a challenge to propose a collaboration with Serre. But considering that she has been reluctant to work with other creatives. In the four years since she launched her firm, she has only worked with one company to produce her masks and with Jimmy Choo to design her shoes. “To be honest with you, we didn’t know if she would collab with us because she doesn’t really collab or work with people!,” said Rocky. “That’s what really turned me on about this collaboration. I really want to work with people who are not easy to get to.”

No matter what, Serre agreed. “If I had not liked Rocky, I would not have done it. Even though it’s A$AP Rocky!,” he admits with a laugh.

Marine Serre x A $ A P Rocky

The result of this union is a set of garments that exceed the limits of any collaboration. The ideas of each creative, as well as the aesthetics and energies are captured in each of the designs, transcending the mundane.

According to Serre, the collection is made from 75% recycled products. Thus, the T-shirts, leather, silk and denim come from existing or vintage garments that Serre bought specifically for the collection.

It is said that the star of Bethlehem illuminated the Earth last night. This event had not taken place since 1226. Now, we may have to add this iconoclastic work by Serre and Rocky to our calendars. Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait another 794 years for this event to happen again. You can now get hold of the collection.

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