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Everyone’s favorite card game, literally everyone’s, is back. But this time with a sleek, minimalist makeover. And we couldn’t like it more.


The famous card game is not outdated. In fact, UNO has launched a non-partisan deck in recent months that brings out all red and blue cards, a Braille deck in association with the National Federation of the Blind, and its most artistic version: a highly coveted release featuring the best works of Basquiat.

Now, Mattel has improved its game once again with a sleek, minimalist remake of its standard offering, designed by Brazilian designer Warleson Oliveira. The new Minimalist edition features a darkened premium back and vibrant colors on the front, adorned with logos, symbols and streamlined numbers that give the cards a contemporary aesthetic.


For those interested, the new Uno Minimalista deck will soon be available for a price of approximately 8 euros.

If you are rich, or at least want to look rich, you can now play Uno without losing any glamour.