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J.W. Anderson has done it again. Once again, he has pushed the boundaries of design with his surrealist creations. The fashion house’s new bag is quite peculiar…

While his last collection presented in Milan left the public open-mouthed with its almost impossible designs, he is now making waves thanks to the latest accessory designed by Anderson: the Pigeon Clutch Bag. Nothing more and nothing less than a bag in the shape of a pigeon that has been designed using a 3D printing machine.

To open it, just press the bird’s wing and you will discover the inside of the accessory, which is the same size as a real pigeon. All the details have been carefully worked out, including the plumage and the legs, beak and eyes. The J.W. Anderson is embossed on the underside of the wing.

You can purchase the Pigeon Clutch for €690 by clicking here.