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Martine Rose has presented the lookbook for its spring/summer 2021 collection. The proposal brings together references ranging from soccer to 1970s San Francisco. In the September fashion show she presented different male characters: the perverse banker, the sports director and even the online sex worker, which he referred to as the “webcam boys”.

This men’s collection conceived for SS21 was unveiled in September and now, Martine Rose presents it through a new lookbook. The garments in it reinterpret the aesthetic codes of soccer kits and businessmen’s suits. Therefore, in these images stand out in equal parts sports shirts and polo shirts and striped shirts. The designer has also given a twist to tailoring, which this time modifies its cut and silhouette, and incorporates lingerie elements.

When devising her spring/summer 2021 proposal, Martine Rose also drew from the aesthetics of photographs depicting the underground gay scene in San Francisco in the 1970s. She found these snapshots when she worked hand in hand with Steve Terry, a historian and expert on the rave culture of the 90s. The floral and psychedelic print fabrics that permeate much of the garments in her collection are a reflection of this. On this occasion, Rose has also resorted to elements characteristic of previous collections. Examples are the “SEX” belt, her classic logo or the graphic she used to identify herself in her recent collaboration with Stüssy.

Some SS21 garments are already on sale in her online store.